Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crummy Car Dealers - Buyer Beware!

I've been looking around to purchase a new car, and I must say it is one of the most unpleasant experiences to deal with car salespeople. They are like vultures and we buyers are the prey.

Today I visited the Nissan dealership (only to inspect a model; didn't have intention to make a purchase today). The first salesperson was a woman who came up to us as soon as we stepped up to the car lot. She wasn't pushy as we told her we were just looking. But then, the other vultures come around -- she called over another man who pushes us to take a test drive. We refuse. He comes back with another salesman (who said he was the general sales manager) who forces the issue using different pitches:
  • My man here will get a $20 bonus if you just test drive the car. Help him out!
  • I will take $500 (went up to $1000) off any car if you just test drive.
  • Final (ridiculous offer): I'll give you the car for 50% off if you test drive the car!

That last one was the clincher and we fell for the obvious lie. We had to see if he was going to honor his offer.

Took the test drive. Walked inside the office and discussed price. They said they would sell it to us for half price. Offered to pay for the vehicle upfront and in whole. They refused it saying they can't [blah blah blah]. Had us go through the financing department selling a terrific rate of 0% interest saying they were giving me a special deal despite my poor credit score. Financing through them "would help my credit score and I wouldn't be able to get this kind of deal anywhere else." [Please note: I have a "great credit score" according to most financial standards].

All the while they made it appear that the 50% sales price was the actual price we would have to pay to own the car. BUT NO - here's the part that gets crazy: we were right about to sign on the dotted line...
...when someone from financing told us that was only the price of the LEASE, and that after 3 years, we'd still have a balance to pay that put the car well over sticker price.

I'm still irked thinking about it.

Imagine: spending twice the amount of the value of a new car on what essentially was a used car. And that's what the guy almost got away with.

Here's a list of all the lies that took place:
  1. The guy wasn't even the general sales manager. He bragged about being the son of the owner and able to do amazing deals. Turns out he was neither. We looked him up. Should've known things were fishy when he was apprehensive to give us a business card.
  2. The car was actually NOT BRAND NEW. It had over 1000 miles on it and they would not say what the history was. They proceeded to say that it doesn't have a Carfax because it's basically new. Even if so, they did not want to reveal where those thousand plus miles came from.
  3. It was NOT 50% OFF. Not even sticker price. They said it was and played it off as such. But when it came time to sign, it's actually only the portion of a lease to which the remainder amount is incredibly inflated.
  4. You have to test drive a car to purchase it. LIE. They said it was against the law to do otherwise and that other dealerships were breaking the law. There's nothing wrong with test driving, but many times they take a collateral and won't release you until you sign. So be ready to buy something if you do test drive.
  5. That you can't use a credit card to pay upfront because a credit card can't take those kind of payments. LIE. We're talking about a credit card that could fund a down payment on a house. I would think it could take a car. They'll say they need very personal information in order to use your credit card. Since when does anyone need my social security number to use a credit card?
  6. My credit score wasn't poor at all, but they made it seem as if they held financial authority over me and needed them. It became more about selling the financing options versus selling a car. Tip: Know your score before you go in.
  7. We had verified before test driving that we would pay the whole thing immediately with that deal of 50% off sticker. We kept saying we didn't need financing. Towards the end, it became twisted into "it's not really financing, it's just improving your credit and you'd own the vehicle at the end." Yeah - own it if I pay the remainder after the lease expired; a remainder at which I could get another new vehicle paid in full for the price they were asking.
  8. The "sticker price" increased at every paper put in front of us that it can no longer be considered sticker price.
  9. There are other lies we probably didn't catch. Fueled by falsehood and dependent on deceit to make a living, lies are to this guy as oxygen is to most people. Farts that came out of his butt were probably also whispering lies since everything that came out of him was NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Any person that feeds himself with lying will only have lies to offer. Surely you can't expect truth.
He tried the sympathy plea at the end, looking like we put him through so much trouble. But YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO FEEL BAD ABOUT BEING LIED TO. The guilt trip is one of his schemes to make a sale on a vehicle you don't want.

Everything they said was a lie meant to deceive and distract. Don't get fooled! We almost fell victim to several scams. If you want to see a list of popular car dealers scams, check these links out:


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